Sean Albertson

Sean Albertson


Sean grew up in the arts, and the entertainment industry in New York; his father a musician, chef, and film editor. His mother was a Production Manager and Assistant Director. Sean's start in entertainment was as a young child, acting and playing music. He was involved in plays and small roles in television and feature films, where he got to be an extra in the academy award winning film, KRAMER VS. KRAMER. Musically, Sean was drawn to percussion and singing. He played with several bands in both capacities. Later, these talents were transmuted into the art and craft of film editing. An ever evolving student of the art of story telling, Sean's passions and talents have led him to writing and producing as well, with a keen eye toward directing. Now he has 30 years of filmmaking experience with more than 70 credits across a vast array of material, including Television movies, series, Feature Films, award winning mobile content, and more. Some credits include films such as WARRIOR, ROCKY BALBOA, RAMBO IV, TRUTH OR DARE, & FANTASY ISLAND . He has edited Television shows such as E-RING, COLD CASE, HEROES and THE VAMPIRE DIARIES.

Kendt for: Editing

Fødselsdag: 1968-10-29

Fødested: New York City, New York, USA

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